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What Is TED Hair Restoration?

Factors like hormone imbalances and nutrition may lead to early receding hairlines at nearly any stage of life for males and females alike. Androgenetic alopecia, or female and male pattern hair loss, has proven to be a very common type of baldness, resulting in receding, patchy hair that, eventually, may go away completely and decrease an individual's confidence. At Zodiac Spa Beauty & Wellness, we utilize TED by Alma, along with the TED+ Hair Care Formula as a leading-edge solution to encourage hair growth. Acoustic sound energy and the force of air from the TED device supply the specialized TED+ Hair Care Formula deeper into your head to foster blood flow while simultaneously carrying essential growth factors needed to lengthen, fortify, and secure the hair. To hear more about the benefits of this hair loss procedure, and have a complimentary baseline analysis treatment done, arrange a consultation with one of our hair restoration specialists at our spa in Herriman, UT.

How Does TED Hair Restoration Work?

While most hair restoration techniques utilize lasers or needles in order to create channels in the scalp, Alma TED uses acoustic sound waves and air pressure. This is not only effective but totally noninvasive, creating a much more comfortable experience for the patient. These sound waves create gaseous bubbles under the skin, which expand and allow medications to be better absorbed. Simultaneously, the air pressure pushes the medications even further into the skin. This entire process is performed using a simple handpiece that will be repeatedly glided over the scalp to stimulate hair growth. This treatment regenerates a healthy scalp environment by inducing vascularization around the hair follicles and improves blood flow to the scalp.

Typically, our clients require about three sessions until they've reached their goals. Most individuals say there is no pain during the hair restoration procedure. The innovative technology involves the use of sound waves and the force of air to help supply the specialized hair product beneath the skin, which is not expected to be painful.

What Are the Benefits of TED Hair Restoration?

At Zodiac Spa Beauty & Wellness, TED therapy for hair loss treatments provide a number of excellent benefits that may produce more radiant, fuller, and thicker locks, such as:

  • Uses your body's natural growth mechanism
  • Fosters your own hair growth
  • Results are natural-looking and may be long-lasting
  • Effective for both women and men
  • No additives or drugs
  • No surgery or scars
  • No required downtime

What Can I Expect After a TED Hair Restoration Treatment?

Immediately following your TED hair restoration treatment, you can return to the majority of your daily activities without interruption - with a few exceptions. It is important to avoid touching, rubbing, scratching, or putting pressure on the treated areas for 1-2 days, which means patients should also refrain from wearing hats during this time. Patients should also plan not to wash their hair or use certain styling products or tools for 1-2 days after TED hair restoration. Generally speaking, patients can anticipate positive changes in their hair health following TED hair restoration treatments. Typically, patients experience gradual improvements in hair thickness, density, and overall scalp health. It is common to notice a reduction in hair shedding and increased strength of existing hair follicles. Results may vary, and optimal outcomes often require multiple sessions over time. At the time of your treatment sessions, our knowledgeable team will discuss further details about what to expect after TED hair restoration, what aftercare instructions you'll need to follow, and other helpful information.

Summer was so amazing! She did an awesome job on my hair. I had to get a lot chopped off and I am very pleased with my haircut. She was kind and professional, and spent a lot of time making sure I was getting exactly what I wanted. Booking an appointment was super easy. I'm thrilled to have found this spa! They do plenty of other services as well. I recommend this place to anyone wanting great hair service!!

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Great little spa tucked into a neighborhood. I get massages here from time to time and they are always great

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Always knowledgeable about styles and products that will work with the individual. Everyone is always friendly and helpful, and this is why I have been coming here for years, and I have no plans to go elsewhere.

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It’s been many years and countless services that I have had the pleasure of experiencing at Zodiac! I could not love Alicia more - although all the girls are so fun to interact with. I get so many compliments on my hair! Andy is amazing as well and they are quite the dynamic duo! Love this spa and the people so much! Highly recommend!

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Great place! I wanted to book a lash appointment and they were very quick to get me in! I have never had eyelash extensions before so I was very nervous on how they would turn out, but Lynn made sure she acknowledged the look I wanted! She was the absolute best in keeping me comfortable and instructing me through the process. Lynn was very nice and welcoming as well as the other ladies at the front desk! Definitely recommend this place!

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Is TED Hair Restoration Right for Me?

Typically, most of our patients for TED hair restoration are between the ages of 25 – 60, though the procedure is suitable for almost any age. The hair loss itself should be well underway so we can get a better idea of where we need to focus the most amount of help. Additionally, patients should still have healthy hair follices on other parts of the scalp that can be used for this restoration process.

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A Long-Lasting Solution

At Zodiac Spa Beauty & Wellness, it is our pleasure to provide this innovative and efficient treatment to address thinning hair. Alma TED hair restoration doesn't involve needles. There's no discomfort or shedding. No surgery. No supplements or medications. No trauma to the scalp. While hair loss is very common, it can lead to stress or decreased self-confidence. If you are interested in a long-lasting hair restoration solution, schedule a consultation with our expert team in Herriman, UT to learn more.

How much does TED cost?

The cost varies according to the number of appointments recommended to achieve your goals. When you have your initial visit, we will find out your concerns and discuss your hair growth objectives prior to designing a custom-tailored rejuvenation outline, which will include pricing.

How many hair restoration treatments will I need?

We recommend that you look for treatment as soon as hair thinning or hair loss is noticed. The number of TED sessions will differ according to the degree of the hair loss. Noticeable outcomes are usually seen after the starting set of three treatment sessions spaced out over four weeks.

Does TED hair restoration hurt?

Most individuals report little to no discomfort throughout the session. The cutting-edge technololgy harnesses the power of acoustic waves and pressurized air to help carry the specialized hair product beneath into your skin, which should not hurt.

*Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Images may contain models.