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Alma TED how to: hold tools and control partings

For this Alma, Ted hair restoration treatment. I have the patient lying on a massage table with their face in a face cradle in order to access the back of the head comfortably for the patient. When treating the top of the head and front or temporal area of the head I have the patient lying on their back on the treatment table when we are ready to do the back or occipital area, is when I have them turn over, and I use the face cradle. I am seated in a technician chair with the device on the side of my dominant hand, in this case on the right side of the bed, I am often asked how do you control the hair when partying, and hold all of your tools in order to be more efficient with your time as well as being the most efficient in utilizing your regrowth serum. When you do not have control partings, it is easy to waste serum in the hair instead of targeting the scalp. I hope this video is helpful for any technician learning how to do the Alma Ted hair restoration ? treatment in their clinic.