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Alma TED how to: hold tools and control partings

For this Alma, Ted hair restoration treatment. I have the patient lying on a massage table with their face in a face cradle in order to access the back of the head comfortably for the patient. When treating the top of the head and front or temporal area of the head I have the patient lying on their back on the treatment table when we are ready to do the back or occipital area, is when I have them turn over, and I use the face cradle. I am seated in a technician chair with the device on the side of my dominant hand, in this case on the right side of the bed, I am often asked how do you control the hair when partying, and hold all of your tools in order to be more efficient with your time as well as being the most efficient in utilizing your regrowth serum. When you do not have control partings, it is easy to waste serum in the hair instead of targeting the scalp. I hope this video is helpful for any technician learning how to do the Alma Ted hair restoration ? treatment in their clinic.

Bleach Retouch And Tone Process

Alicia from Shearology Salon & Spa in Herriman, Utah Shows the process for a platinum blonde retouch and tone. DO NOT DO THIS AT HOME! This service should only be done by a licensed cosmetologist with bleaching experience ! For stylists seeking education follow @saloneducationjunkie for tips and full video. Bleaching takes time, patience, and lots of product! This service must be maintained monthly when a client has about a 1/2” of new growth. Not all natural hair colors can be lightened in one process. Previously colored hair will not lift as “clean” as natural hair. Talk to your stylist about proper care and maintenance at home between services. At Shearology we recommend Kerasilk Reconstruct Shampoo and Conditioner, or Olaplex #4 and #5, alternated in with Pulp Riot Barcelona and Belfast toning shampoo ans conditioner. Kerasilk blow dry spray heat protectant, and a weekly conditioning mask.

A little tour of Shearology

Special Thanks to Andy Browning for writing a cute little jingle to go with this tour video!

How to tweeze your own bro

Tweezing your own brows can be difficult because you have a dominant and non dominant eye. Taking time to shape your brows before you tweeze will help ensure the best results until you can visit an esthetician to professionally shape them.

Understanding Collagen and HA with anti aging

(LINKS AT END OF DESCRIPTION...) These two things, which are naturally found in your body start to decline from age 25 on, and dramatically drop off after menopause in women. If you struggle with dry, thinning hair, stiff joints, aches, pains, loss of collagen in your skin, dryness, and other aging symptoms...watch this video. Questions, comments, or want more information, click this link below. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE YOUR COLLAGEN RICH PROTEIN SUPPLEMENTS NOW! https://store.kyani.com/#/shop/detail/101ENPRTPK/from/3974849?country=usa&locale=en-us&newsession=1 Note that if you select auto shipment in the cart checkout and update, a discount will apply! * Once you select your country, choose a product category (upper left area of the shopping cart) and this will then give you the option to purchase the Kyani HL5 and Fit20 protein pack, although we do recommend the full Kyani Health Tri with protein pack as the best way to ensure optimal results. ** Information contained herein is simply the author’s opinion and not intended to be taken as medical advice – nor are any therapeutic or medical claims

Are you missing these two simple things in your anti-aging routine?

Are you suffering from dull, dry, skin, but use all the right skincare? Is your hair dull and thinning? Do you feel like each day you wakeup with more aches and pains than the day before? Do you have brain fog, dry eyes, or sugar cravings? Yes these things can all be linked. Click here for a full length (6 minute) video with more information.... https://youtu.be/k6WGgzOPQds

Favorite Eye Cream

Review of Colorscience 3in1 Total Eye Renewal Therapy with full makeup video. This eye cream corrects dark circles, brightens and deputes the eye area, smoothes fine lines and wrinkles, and acts as a concealer and eye cream in one! I use this every day as part of my makeup routine! https://www.tkqlhce.com/click-100118099-13926029

How to: on scalp bleach retouch

Platinum blondes don’t have to be a scary thing! It takes patience but is the best transformation! No hot roots, no shadow root, no banding, frizz, or damage! Just simple, beautiful, classic blonde. Products used: Pulp Riot Rapid lift lightener Goldwell Colorance express toner 10 silver and 10 icy Pulp Riot Barcelona (diluted) Kerasilk Reconstruct Conditioner Framar tools Time 3 hours Special thanks to Lareesa and Heidi

Curly hair dry cut: graduated bob

Dry cut on curly hair and how to style to bring out the curl and minimize frizz. Products used: Deva curl buildup buster Deva curl no poo original Deva curl one condition Kms curl up perfecting lotion Kms curl up wave foam (I think I would have used the deva curl frizz free volumizing foam and deva curl believe) Tools: Sam villa shears Varis dryer

Cracked pumpkin Halloween makeup

Shearology’s talented makeup artist creating a “cracked pumpkin” at our vendor booth UHE2017.

Braided mowhawk

Shearology’s talented stylist creating a braided mohawk at our vendor booth UHE2017

Shearology Hair & Nails Herriman Utah Wonderful Five Star Review by Bianca G.

http://www.shearology.com/ (801) 878-9895 Shearology Hair & Nails Herriman Utah reviews New Rating I absolutely love going here. Alicia cuts all of my families hair. I cannot tell you how hard it is to find someone as good as her, plus she went to barber school and my husband will only have her cut his hair. She is amazing! The service and staff are very nice and prices are affordable and competitive. I also love that she sells hair products at a discounted price than a regular retail store, which is a bonus to me since my girls love using the shampoo I buy from Shearology; they say "mmmm...smells like the salon" It's a Great place, I recommend it to everyone I know. Shearology Hair & Nails 5147 W Ryegate Dr Herriman UT 84096