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Even though you may have been able to smile, frown, laugh, and make other facial expressions without worrying about the lasting effects in earlier years, you may now be noticing that the facial wrinkles created by these expressions are remaining, even after your face relaxes. These lines are called dynamic wrinkles, and they are caused when the facial muscle stays contracted from overuse, crafting etched lines in the skin. XEOMIN is an injectable wrinkle relaxer treatment that, much like BOTOX®, periodically relaxes the treated facial muscle with a purified strain of botulinum toxin type A so your dynamic wrinkles appear softer and smoother. At Zodiac Spa Beauty & Wellness in Herriman, UT, we offer several cosmetic and medical dermatology procedures, including XEOMIN nonsurgical wrinkle relaxing treatments. Arrange for a consultation to learn more about XEOMIN.

What Are the Benefits of XEOMIN?

XEOMIN provides a number of advantages for Herriman, UT patients hoping to eliminate fine lines and creases from visible areas. If your wrinkles and fine lines are disrupting life and desired appearance, XEOMIN can help to:

  • Diminish noticeable fine lines and wrinkles
  • Tackle signs of aging due to environmental causes, like smoking or smile lines
  • Yield an easy-to-get, low-risk solution for a wide number of qualified individuals
  • Reduce fine lines and regions of extra skin

Who Is an Ideal Candidate for XEOMIN?

XEOMIN can help to improve the look of dynamic wrinkles on your face, like forehead lines, Crow's feet, smile and laugh lines, or frown lines. The best candidates for XEOMIN are in good overall health, are not currently pregnant, and are not allergic to other botulinum toxin products (BOTOX or Dysport®). Speak with our team during your consultation about your medical history, current medications, and aesthetic goals so we can create your XEOMIN treatment plan for your best results.

what can i expect from xeomin?

XEOMIN injections at Zodiac Spa Beauty & Wellness usually last under 30 minutes and can be completed in one of our procedure rooms after your consult. The parts of the face being treated will be cleaned and sterilized before XEOMIN is meticulously injected with a fine-gauge needle. The procedure is fast, and it does not generally cause great discomfort so local anesthesia is not necessary but can be requested during your consultation. Cold compresses and pressure will be applied to the injection area to reduce minor bleeding prior to you leaving.

What Can I Expect after XEOMIN?

You can leave our office upon the completion of your XEOMIN injections to resume your daily activities, but vigorous exercise should be avoided until the following day. We may recommend that you sleep with your head elevated and use cold compresses periodically to speed healing and results. After a XEOMIN injection, you may experience redness, swelling, and bruising in the treatment areas, but this is no cause for concern and can be easily concealed with makeup. Most patients notice obvious improvements 3 – 4 days following their XEOMIN injection lasting approximately three months. Repeat injections at Zodiac Spa Beauty & Wellness can be arranged to sustain your results.

I've been coming here for a few years for my haircuts. Heidi has always been so wonderful and treats me super well. She recently had her sweet baby and unfortunately our schedules don't line up anymore so I started seeing Alicia for my hair. She's so easy to talk to and incredibly knowledgeable. I would honestly recommend both ladies for hair, I've loved my experience with them. Zodiac does so much more than just hair, too. Me and my thin, light 90s brows had been dying to get microblading done for years but I've been SO scared of it because of all the horror stories online. I mentioned it to Heidi once during a haircut and she highly recommended Andy. It took me about two years after that to finally work up the courage to make an appointment. Oh my goodness I should have done it sooner! He was super sweet and patient with me, so knowledgeable and my brows look AMAZING. My confidence has sky rocketed. I no longer have a lingering worry about my brow pencil wiping off. I have strawberry blonde hair so I'm familiar with the difficulty than can come with color matching that (I went through a million color options for brow pencils before I settled on the one that sucked the least). Andy gave me a lot of options and ended up doing such an amazing job matching my natural hair color. He really took his time to make sure the shape is right and that I'm happy with everything. Also, he has an incredibly relaxing ASMR voice so be prepared for the possibility of a bonus brain massage! :)

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I have been going to Zodiac Spa for several years to have my hair colored and cut and have always been very pleased with the service provided by Alicia, she is amazing. Recently I started going here for facials with Shannah and have been just as pleased. I love the care that she takes while doing my facial and my face always feels amazing when I leave and my breakouts have been much better. I highly recommend Zodiac!

D.W. Google

Summer was so amazing! She did an awesome job on my hair. I had to get a lot chopped off and I am very pleased with my haircut. She was kind and professional, and spent a lot of time making sure I was getting exactly what I wanted. Booking an appointment was super easy. I'm thrilled to have found this spa! They do plenty of other services as well. I recommend this place to anyone wanting great hair service!!

C.W. Google

Great little spa tucked into a neighborhood. I get massages here from time to time and they are always great

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Always knowledgeable about styles and products that will work with the individual. Everyone is always friendly and helpful, and this is why I have been coming here for years, and I have no plans to go elsewhere.

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Smooth and Relaxed

Age brings a few thrilling gifts, such as experience and wisdom, but it sometimes brings some unwanted changes, like facial wrinkles and lines. Release and smooth out dynamic wrinkles on your face with XEOMIN wrinkle relaxer treatments at Zodiac Spa Beauty & Wellness. Schedule a consult at our Herriman, UT facility to create your unique XEOMIN treatment plan.

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What's the difference between XEOMIN and BOTOX?

XEOMIN and BOTOX are both neurotoxins used for cosmetic purposes. The primary difference lies in their formulation, as XEOMIN contains only the active ingredient, while BOTOX includes additional proteins. Some patients may find XEOMIN beneficial if they develop resistance or allergic reaction to other neurotoxin treatments.

How soon does XEOMIN start working?

The onset of XEOMIN's effects can vary, but many people start noticing improvements within a few days to a week after the treatment. The full effects of XEOMIN typically become noticeable about 1-2 weeks after injection.

Can I get XEOMIN and fillers at the same time?

Yes, it's often safe to combine XEOMIN with dermal fillers during the same session. Not only is it generally considered safe and appropriate, but this combined approach also allows for more comprehensive facial rejuvenation by addressing both dynamic wrinkles (treated by XEOMIN) and volume loss (addressed by fillers). However, it's important to consult with one of our qualified injectors to determine the most suitable treatment plan based on your individual needs.

How much does XEOMIN cost?

Your cost for a XEOMIN treatment will depend on the amount required to match your needs. In your consultation, you will discuss your cosmetic goals so your injector can create your treatment plan and estimate your cost. Zodiac Spa Beauty & Wellness accepts several forms of payment and frequently offers deals on XEOMIN and other injectable treatments.

Your cost for a XEOMIN treatment will depend on the amount required to match your needs. In your consultation, you will discuss your cosmetic goals so your injector can create your treatment plan and estimate your cost. Zodiac Spa Beauty & Wellness accepts several forms of payment and frequently offers deals on XEOMIN and other injectable treatments.

Is XEOMIN safe?

XEOMIN is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a cosmetic wrinkle treatment and can be safely used on most men and women. In your consultation, your injector will ask several questions, such as about any allergies and all medications, herbs, and supplements you are using. You need to be open and honest with your injector to avoid complications or side effects.

How often should I get XEOMIN injections?

Results from XEOMIN may be visible for up to 90 days. Every patient will metabolize XEOMIN at a different rate, determining how long their treatment lasts. During your initial consultation, your injector will discuss when you should schedule appointments to touch up your results.

*Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Images may contain models.