What You Need to Know Before and After a Spray Tan

By: Our Team


Can I do a Spray Tan in Conjunction With Other Spa Services?

Even though we offer many services that you would want to do with your spray tan, be careful, because many services are not compatible to do same day! If you are scheduling multiple services to plan for your big event or next vacation, be sure to speak directly with one of our service professionals to ensure proper scheduling.

Facials can be done same day, but we do not recommend it because you do not want to have any serums or lotions, and you wouldn't want to wash off all the amazing treatments that your esthetician just applied, so be sure to get your facial the day before.

Just like facials, massages leave you with hydrating massage lotions and oils that will hinder your spray tan, so be sure those are done either a day before or day after.

Waxing is great to remove unwanted hair that will give your spray tanned body a polished and smooth finish, but you will want to wait a minimum of 48 hours after waxing to get your spray tan. If you choose to shave, you should do so beforehand, though not immediately before. We recommend shaving earlier in the day and rinsing with cool water, and use new razor blades, to avoid having your tan fade unevenly.

Manicures and Pedicures can be done same day as long as they are done before the spray tan!

What Can I Do To Prepare Before My Tan?

Exfoliating prior to your tan is one of the most important ways to help your tan last and look its best. You will want to exfoliate your entire body the day/evening before or first thing in the morning if your treatment is later that evening. You can exfoliate immediately before having a spray tan if the correct [oil-free] product is used. If you are unsure what to use we have a body polish available for purchase in the spa.

A blank canvas is the best so be sure not to wear anything on your skin for your tanning appointment. This means avoid wearing any perfume, creams, lotions, deodorant, and make-up.

What Should I Expect At My Appointment?

Once you have filled out the release forms and any paperwork associated with your service, you will have a chance to ask your service provider any questions. They will step out of the room to mix up your customized color formula that is based on your skin type, tone, and texture. You may also have selected to use a scent in your mix as well as a bronzing booster, or tan accelerator that your technician will be adding into the blend for you while you undress.

Once you are ready, your technician will step back into the room and proceed with the steps to give you the most even, and natural looking spray tan with our heated system from Evolv tan. The heat may not seem important now, but I promise you will appreciate it during the process!

During each step (pre tan, custom blend, and post tan) your technician will give you verbal cues to know which way to face and how to stand for the most complete and even coverage.

Typically the total time for a spray tan appointment is 30 minutes. This allows you time to ask questions, change, tan, and checkout.

What Should I Wear?

Due to the nature of a spray tan, you will want to be wearing a loose fitting, dark or black colored outfit for after your tan. Even though our Evolv heated spray tan system does not leave you the same sticky feeling that some systems do, you still may find that you do not want to even be wearing a bra or underwear after your tan appointment (at least until you shower that is).

As far as what to wear during the tan, most people strip down to the buff. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable in what you are wearing. Whether that’s a bikini, some underwear, or going fully commando, your tanning artist should support your choice. We do have disposable bikini tops, disposable thong underwear, and disposable boxer briefs available to wear, as well as foam nose plugs if you choose. Please note that if you choose to wear a bikini or other clothing item during your tan, they will get stained by the tanning solution. I personally have an old swimsuit that I like to wear to my tanning sessions or I use the disposables, but most people just go nude.

Are There Any Conditions That Would Prevent Me From Getting A Spray Tan?

If you have any skin conditions, rash, dry patches, sensitive skin, eczema, psoriasis, discoloration, etc. Your tan may not be as even and you may have some sensitivity. If you are concerned we can do a patch test 48 hours prior to your appointment.

It is also necessary to tell your technician if you are pregnant or nursing, in which case you should consult your doctor. If you get the go-ahead, you may or may not wish to do a patch test on your skin, as you may be more sensitive than usual. Additionally, let your artist know if you’re breast feeding, a disposable bra top is recommended to protect any spray getting on the breast and nipple area.

Do I Need To Do Anything Afterwards?

You need to be a bit careful after your spray tan, as the tan can take up to twelve hours to develop, depending on if you used any accelerators. While your tan is developing you should completely avoid getting wet. This includes perspiring, swimming, showering and/or getting caught in the rain! As mentioned above you will want to avoid tight clothing, especially pants with inseams such as jeans and some leggings, as well as tight cuffed pants/sweatpants, etc. Once you remove your clothing, you will see some "creasing" and clothing marks in your tan. That is just the cosmetic bronzer that is in the solution so that your technician could make sure it was going on smooth and even, they will shower off! I personally like to wait until the next morning to shower, because when you sleep your body temperature heats up and your pores open up allowing the tanning agent (DHA) to really get into the skin and work to its full potential. If you chose to use an accelerator so that you could shower in as little as 2 hours, it is okay if you see those bronzers going down the drain, but don't worry, that DHA is still there and your tan will still continue to develop.

How Long Will My Tan Last?

If you are getting your spray tan for a special event it is recommended to get your tan 2 days prior to your big event. If you wish to get quite a bit darker than your natural color, then we recommend having multiple spray tans done a few days apart to build color, rather than just go thick and dark in one shot, as that can lead to an orange glow to your tan that may be undesirable!

Depending on the cell turnover rate, products used, and exfoliation habits, your tan can last 5-12 days, but most people average 7 days. Staying moisturized is key to a healthy glow and we do offer post care products in the spa that will prolong your tan. Using spray sunscreens or other body care products that contain oils, like mineral oil, grapeseed oil, and coconut oil, will actually strip your tan, so be careful with what you put on your newly-tanned self.

My final tip; drink lots of water, to keep your skin hydrated from the inside, as well.

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