What Type of Permanent Cosmetic Brow is Best for Me?

By: Our Team


We get asked all the time which style or type of permanent cosmetic eyebrows are best.  The simple answer is that your professional brow artist here at Shearology will do a full consultation with you, analyze your individual needs, lifestyle, and goals, and then they will help guide you to the correct technique.  We never pick for you, but we team up and work with you to ensure that you feel confident in your look!

One thing that we say over and over with clients, and want to mention here as well, is that brows are not twins, but rather they are sisters!  They can be really close sisters that look alike, but naturally our bodies are not symmetrical. 

So now for the long answer....lets dive into the different types of brows that we offer here at Shearology.


Traditional microblading is done with a hand tool to create individual hair strokes that follow the pattern of hair growth.  This is a great technique for someone who has brow hair, but would like them filled in a little more if they are looking sparse, or tend to need a little fill here and there.


Much like traditional microblading this technique also uses individual hair strokes. The difference is that these are done with a tattoo tool.  This isn't like "old school" brow tattoo though because it still uses a very fine nano needle and pigment; whereas tattoo uses ink. This technique goes into the skin a little differently and tends to last longer than traditional microblading before requiring a touch up.  Are you wondering why someone would do microblading over nano stroke? The nano stroke technique is slightly more bold with each hair stroke than a hand tool microblade. 


A powder brow uses a tattoo tool, or a soft tap style hand tool with a different style of needle head than a nano stroke.  This technique is more of a gradient fill, rather than an individual hair.  This is a great look for people who tend to fill in their natural brows with  brow powder every day, or who use a pencil and powder makeup combo. The ombre is just a powder technique that softens the inner and upper edges of the brow for a softer look.

Combo Brow

A combo brow is one of the most popular brow styles because it has a foundation of the ombre fill to create a nice, even, finished makeup look, but incorporates some of the hair stroke methods to create a "natural" hair stroke start and texture within the brow.


PhiBrow is a registered trademark of a training method and technique recognized globally.  Artists who learn this technique undergo a strict education program and must learn exact hair growth patterns, to create natural hair patterns, even for clients who have little to no natural hair present. This is done with a hand tool that is just like the microblading, and makes individual hair strokes in the Phi pattern.  Once a PhiBrow student has become a brow artist they may continue their education to become a Phi Shading brow artist.  This technique goes back in between the microbladed hair strokes with a different style of hand tool and manually shades in areas needing more fill.  This creates a combo brow that is the most natural looking for clients who need a full brow, but do not want it to look like makeup.

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