Ultimate Guide to Teeth Whitening and the "White Diet" Protocols

By: Our Team


If you're looking to enhance your smile, teeth whitening is a popular and effective solution. One standout option is the Beaming White system, renowned for delivering stunning results. In this blog post, we'll explore how the Beaming White system works and the importance of following the white diet protocol to maintain your newly brightened smile.

What is the Beaming White System?

The Beaming White teeth whitening system is a professional-grade treatment designed to remove stains and discoloration from your teeth, providing a whiter, more radiant smile. Utilizing a powerful yet gentle formula, Beaming White ensures effective results with minimal sensitivity. Here's how it works:

1. Pre-Treatment:** Your teeth are thoroughly cleaned by brushing to remove any surface plaque or debris.

2. Application:** A whitening gel containing hydrogen peroxide is applied to your teeth with a brush on technique, avoiding the delicate gum area.

3. Activation:** A special LED light is used to activate the gel, accelerating the whitening process for 15-20 minutes. Step 2 and 3 are repeated two more times. 

4. Post-Treatment:** After the treatment, you'll notice immediate results, with your teeth appearing several shades whiter.

For customers that are concerned with sensitivity, we recommend the mineral boosting enamel take home product to reduce any sensitivity. 

The White Diet Protocol

After undergoing the Beaming White teeth whitening treatment, it's crucial to follow the white diet protocol to ensure long-lasting results. The white diet involves consuming only white or light-colored foods and drinks for 48 hours post-treatment to avoid staining. Here’s what you need to know:

1. **Permitted Foods and Drinks:**

   - Chicken

   - White fish

   - Rice

   - Cauliflower

   - Bananas

   - Potatoes (without skin)

   - White pasta

   - Water

   - Milk

2. **Foods and Drinks to Avoid:**

   - Coffee and tea

   - Red wine

   - Dark sauces (like soy sauce)

   - Colored fruits and vegetables (such as berries, tomatoes, and carrots)

   - Colas and colored sodas

   - Dark chocolate

   - Tobacco products

3. Additional Tips:

   - Avoid acidic foods that can weaken enamel, such as citrus fruits.

   - Brush your teeth gently after every meal to maintain cleanliness and prevent staining.

   - Use a straw when drinking beverages to minimize contact with your teeth.

Following the white diet protocol is essential to keep your teeth looking their best after using the Beaming White system. By adhering to these guidelines, you can prolong the effects of your teeth whitening treatment and enjoy a brighter smile for longer.

Beaming white offers some great at home products to prolong your results with a whitening foam,  and a charcoal paste. 


The Beaming White system that we use here at Zodiac Spa Beauty & Wellness in Herriman, Utah is an excellent choice for achieving a whiter, more vibrant smile. Coupled with the white diet protocol, you can maintain and maximize your whitening results. If you’re considering teeth whitening, and do not have veneers or dental implants, the Beaming White system is right for you. The key to success is embracing the white diet for optimal post-treatment care. 

This service is available through our online scheduling or you can contact the spa directly at 801-878-9895. 

Your radiant smile awaits!

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